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Netgear Orbi Purple Light What Does It Mean? How Can I Fix It

It has lost contact with the satellites or the internet itself if the signal is purple, as is the case now. If it’s orange, then your connection is, at best weak. If your Orbi has turned blue, it is connected to a stable network and has finished syncing.

Be skeptical if someone tells you that updating the firmware will solve the problem. While this recommendation likely originates from a place of goodwill, updating your router’s firmware requires a wired connection to the internet. This can’t happen for reasons that should be obvious.

Put the Orbi back to factory setting

Larger homes with multiple dead spots can benefit greatly from mesh routers. Setting up your brand-new, custom-built computer only to discover that the room you are in does not get Wifi is about as frustrating as anything I can think of. Sometimes, even mesh networks have issues of their own.

Netgear’s Orbi is unparalleled among wireless-networking gadgets of its kind.

However, some customers have reported seeing Orbi purple light in their surroundings after using the product. This indicates that the Orbi cannot connect to the internet or that the satellites are not properly paired with it.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive solution to how to fix orbi purple light

, outlining all of the known methods in a clear and straightforward manner.

Fixing the Orbi Purple Light: Six Methods!

Before we get into the fairly simple fixes, it’s important to note that the light’s color provides insight into your Orbi device’s status. Even though it’s better than purple, we’d still like to make the Orbi glow blue if possible.

The best solution to a technical problem is often the simplest one, much to everyone’s relief. It’s implied by the name of this answer that you won’t need a manual to work it out.

As a precaution, we will not only unplug the modem when we disconnect the Orbi.

  • The modem and the Orbi must both be turned off and unplugged.
  • Plug in your modem again after practicing TM for five minutes (or waiting five minutes).
  • Please wait for it to finish starting up.
  • If the reset is successful, Orbi can be reconnected.

Your Orbi should now be a more pleasing shade of blue. If the color has not changed, we must proceed to the next possible solution.

Double-check the Lines of Contact

Sometimes ethernet cables can be finicky, and I know it can sound annoying and condescending when someone asks if something is plugged in. Double-check even if you don’t think you’ve touched the cables to ensure they’re all firmly inserted into their designated ports.

One common problem with ethernet cable connections is that the tiny clip that generally clicks into place when you insert the cable into its port becomes loose or unresponsive. This may cause your Internet connection to be unstable or your Orbi router to remain permanently in the irritating orbi router purple light or orange color scheme.

A simple check would be to examine each wire and ensure it is securely plugged into its designated wall outlet. Additionally, ensure that the cables are not damaged in any way that could prevent them from making a connection, such as by being frayed or torn. If the Orbi’s NetGear orbi purple light starts to turn blue, you know it’s working; if it stays purple, keep reading.

Please try re-syncing your Orbi and satellite.

Don’t be scared off by the jargon; this answer is simple. There should be little room for error if you follow these instructions.

As a side note, if you want the best possible connection between your satellite and your Orbi, try to keep them as close together as possible.

  • Here’s how to find the Sync button on your Orbi device (It will be directly next to the Internet and Ethernet ports).
  • Now, within the next 120 seconds, head to your satellite and press the Sync button there.
  • Give them some time to get in sync with one another.
  • If you’ve done everything right, you’ll see a white flash on your Orbi, which means it’s trying to establish a connection with your satellite.

Again, let’s make sure the purple orbi light, and if it’s not, we can move on to investigating potential answers that have nothing to do with the physical object in question.

When using the Internet, make sure there are no interruptions by checking with your service provider.

Having trouble connecting to the internet may have nothing to do with you. The quickest and most straightforward way to find out is to talk to your ISP about the issue. Similarly, checking their website for outages in your area can shed light on the nature and cause of the problems you’re experiencing.

While there may be third-party websites you can check to see if there are internet outages, your ISP is the most reliable source, as they can tell you the exact reason for the outage and when service will be restored.

Simply resetting the Orbi to factory settings

We don’t recommend a factory reset lightly because you’ll lose all of your personal information and your settings and configuration.

However, a Orbi factory reset is the only option if that fails. Here you will find detailed instructions for resetting your Orbi to factory settings.

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